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SEO Bullion is a FREE, grass roots project for people living in and around the Yorkshire region. It contains a growing range of free seo tools, monthly newsletters and industry resources aimed at helping local people develop and improve their search engine rankings and knowledge.

There is no requirement to pay to use this site. Your only obligation is to register and validate yourself before using the tools and free resources we have built.

Please help grow awareness of the project. We are trying to reach as many local people as possible so if you think your network could benefit from the resources on SEO Bullion, please help spread the word!

More About Jon Colegate

Jon Colegate has been working in the SEO and PPC industry since 2003. He is a freelance trainer and consultant, Director of Search at a Sheffield based search marketing firm and works with fellow professionals in the web design industry to help clients achieve their search / online marketing goals. Connect with Jon: LinkedIn → | Twitter →